6 Exciting Careers in Nursing to Consider

If you’re thinking about training for a career in the nursing field, then you’re about to enter into a profession that not only almost always means job security, because of the constant demand for nurses, but also offers almost endless possibilities, because of the many different ways to specialize.

Not only can you choose what type of nurse you want to be, like Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Registered Nurse (RN), or Nurse Practitioner (NP), but there are so many ways to specialize, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something that interests you.

Below you’ll find some videos that discuss a few of the many career options that are available in the nursing field.

Emergency Room Nurse

If you’re the type of person who likes the idea of working in a fast paced environment, where’s there’s really no such thing as a typical day and the type of patients you see can range from someone with a cold, to someone who’s been involved in a serious car crash, then working as an ER Nurse may be the perfect job for you.

In the video, you will hear from a Registered Nurse who works in the emergency room. She discusses the types of patients you typically see and what it’s like to work in a high stress, faced paced environment. The main topics she discusses are

  • What’s a typical day like
  • What are the job requirements
  • Advice for anyone interested in this career

One of the best ways to learn about anything is from someone who is already doing it and this video gives great insight into the life of an ER Nurse, from someone who obviously has a lot of experience in this field and does a great job of telling viewers what they can expect.

Flight Nurse

This is another one of those jobs that’s not your typical nursing career. Instead of working in a hospital, or other health care setting, you’ll typically be working to transport patients

It’s important to note that these jobs aren’t available to new nurses.

As mentioned in the video’s description some of the questions they’ll answer are

  • How can I become a flight nurse?
  • What kind of nurse works on a helicopter, or flight for life?
  • What kind of education and training do I need to become a flight nurse?

Certified Nursing Assistant

Family Clinic Nurse

Different Types of Nursing Careers

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

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