RN Managers: Key Players in the Health Care Field

RN Managers are critical players in a high functioning hospital environment. They must oversee a large number of nurses and ensure that the daily functions of the hospital are being performed smoothly, accurately and efficiently. Registered nurses, or RNs, are often helpful and dedicated individuals who find themselves in thankless positions. They must often work long and grueling hours for a much lower pay grade than their physician counterparts. However, they almost always work just as hard at tasks that are as important as those completed by licensed physicians.

Across the country, RN Managers are finding themselves with a variety of crucial jobs that as often require financial and managerial skills as well as nursing skills. Unfortunately, many nurses who are promoted to this position have not taken any courses that will help to develop these non-medical skills. Often, RNs who hope to one day be promoted to managerial positions will prepare for this advancement with continuing education courses in Management, Finances, Business, and Communication. All of these skills are important in a good Manager. Just like the manager of a business, a nurse manager is directly in charge of the structure of the nursing staff at a hospital.
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RN Programs in Florida: 3 Top Options

Are you looking for RN training programs in Florida? If you are, then you will want to find the top programs so you will be more competitive in your job market.

In terms of colleges with nursing programs in Florida, you cannot beat The University of Florida, Florida State University, and Florida Southern College. These training programs are all top programs. The University of Florida and Florida State University are both top 100 schools in the nation. And Florida Southern College is ranked #8 in regional colleges.
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Registered Nurse Income: Get More Training and Earn More

If you are contemplating becoming a Registered Nurse, then you probably wonder what your potential income could be. The average salary for Registered Nurses in the United States is $68,450. The more urban the area in which you live is the closer to the upper end of the scale. Also, the areas with the highest need pay more. For example, the average salary for Registered Nurses in Alaska is $74,970. But the average salary for registered nurses in Iowa is $51,930. That’s a big difference.

Where you work will greatly impact your income. Nurses working in physician’s offices make slightly more than those who work in hospitals. Your area of focus makes a big difference as well. Specialty nurses make entirely more money than general Registered Nurses do.
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Finding the Best Registered Nurse Schools in California

Are you looking for schools in California that can help you get the training needed to begin a career in Registered Nursing? If you are, then you definitely want to look at these top 3 schools.

Although there are many RN programs in California, you want to seek out the top ranked programs because it will make you more competitive in the job marketplace. The top schools in California are: The University of California Berkley, University of California Los Angeles, and the University of California Davis. These schools are all top, nationally ranked schools in nursing programs. In fact, all three of these institutions are in the top 50 schools for nursing in the country.
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New Graduate RN Jobs: Putting Your Training to Use

This next video is a really good one for once you’ve decided that nursing is for you, as it goes into some detail regarding the sort of jobs available to recently licensed Registered Nurses. It’s pretty important to have some idea of what you’re getting into with regards to starting your career as an RN, and what sort of jobs you’ll be eligible for. The other great point that this video touches on is the kind of jobs you’re NOT very likely to land, right out of school. It’s a great way to take off the blinders, as it were, with regards to job prospects.

If your RN licensure is your first foray into nursing, a Nursing Assistant job is a great place to start. This job offers you the opportunity to learn the ropes from more experienced nurses without all of the direct responsibility that comes with being a solo or charge nurse. Many new RNs opt to follow this path, though it technically falls below the presumed skill level of an RN – being a Nursing Assistant lets you learn while working, and pays fairly well.
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