Certified Nurse Midwife Training for Advanced Practice Nursing

The training undergone by individuals who want to work as Certified Nurse Midwives allows Registered Nurses to become Advanced Practice Nurses with training revolving around the delivery process of infants, as well as prenatal care for the infant and postpartum care for the mother.

More and more women are deciding they would like to go through with natural births these days, which creates a greater demand for Nurse Midwives. These individuals have been used to help deliver children for thousands of years, aiding in the childbirth process in people’s homes. Now you can find them in birthing centers, private practices and hospitals alike. Some will even help deliver children at a patient’s home where they are the most comfortable with their surroundings.
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Certified Nurse Midwife Training: A Look at the Requirements

Having an edge in the field of nursing can start with completing nurse midwife training. Many expectant mothers today are interested in the personalized care that they receive from a nurse midwife. Therefore, while popularity in midwifery increases, so does the demand for those nurses properly certified in the field. This video is an overview of the training required to become a certified nurse midwife as well as the roles involved.

Certified nurse midwife training prepares someone who is already at the RN or BSN level for a master’s role in nursing. A certified nurse midwife has several options of working environments. For instance, she can work in individual child birthing, hospital associated practices, well woman and well child care, healthcare team practices, birthing centers and health departments.Continue reading

Certified Nurse Midwife Training: Preparing for Career Success

What is a Nurse Midwife

Are you considering a career as a Certified Nurse Midwife and wanting more information about the training that helps Registered Nurses qualify for this highly specialized role? As a growing specialty of nursing, this practitioner training is for those whose interest lies in caring for the overall health and welfare of women.

Imagine the rewards of sharing women’s preparation for birth, participating in the birthing process, and following the mothers and their children throughout their lives. As believers in assisting women through the pregnancy and delivery processes, Midwives work under the supervision of a physician to perform numerous medical procedures and interventions.
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