Certified Nurse Midwife Training for Advanced Practice Nursing

The training undergone by individuals who want to work as Certified Nurse Midwives allows Registered Nurses to become Advanced Practice Nurses with training revolving around the delivery process of infants, as well as prenatal care for the infant and postpartum care for the mother.

More and more women are deciding they would like to go through with natural births these days, which creates a greater demand for Nurse Midwives. These individuals have been used to help deliver children for thousands of years, aiding in the childbirth process in people’s homes. Now you can find them in birthing centers, private practices and hospitals alike. Some will even help deliver children at a patient’s home where they are the most comfortable with their surroundings.

Another aspect of the work performed by those with this advanced training is providing patients with family planning techniques and practices, birth control counseling services, as well as some of the normal gynecological services, including physical exams and preventative health screenings. Also, in many states they can prescribe medications to their patients.

Because they can perform some of the functions as medical doctors, they are required to go through specific training before they can begin their practice.

Although it is possible for individuals who are not nurses to become midwives, as something called a Certified Midwife, there is still a lot of medical knowledge and experience required for accreditation and it is most common for Registered Nurses to enter this career.

Registered Nurses who wish to work in this field must attend a Master’s program that has a midwifery focus. This program must be accredited by the American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM) or the credits may not help an individual become certified. Certain states may also have specific requirements for certification and one should check with their local Board of Nursing for the state they wish to practice in.

Choosing the school that’s right for you may be tricky, but earning a degree at a nationally accredited school means you’re qualified for national certification. You will become a respected professional with the training necessary to further your career and fulfill personal goals.

Courses typically taken include genetics, health and social policy, laboratory medicine, newborn assessment and care, primary care of women, gynecology, pharmacology principles and management of the ante partum, intra partum and post partum stages, as well as many others. Course schedules and offerings differ from school to school as with any area of study, which is why it’s important to find a school with the necessary focus for your career goals.

The Certified Nurse Midwife career opens new doors and pathways to special opportunities to make a real impact on a family’s world by helping them bring new life into it. This path is great for both an individual’s career and their personal fulfillment. How many people come home from work every day and can say hey helped bring new life into the world? With some additional training, any Registered Nurse can earn this opportunity and bask in the rewards for years to come.

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