Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Schools in Texas

Once one has entered the field of nursing and joined the ranks of Registered Nurses across America, there are an abundance of specialized fields they can enter. One of these specialties is the career field of Nurse Anesthetist, which, through hard work and perseverance, can be achieved at any one of the 5 certified schools in Texas.

Anyone who decides to enter this specialization is already more than familiar with the arduous process that is required to become a Registered Nurse. To become an Anesthetist is certainly more of the same, requiring a strong commitment to education and a stalwart work ethic. At the end of this journey, though, the prospective Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) candidate will enjoy a rewarding career administering anesthesia in their hospital of choice. We will try to assemble a clear picture of what this journey looks like by detailing the programs of two schools in Texas.

Texas Christian University

The first program we’ll examine is that of Texas Christian University, located in Fort Worth Texas. Here, they offer two potential tracks. The first is a 28-month masters degree program that begins with a full year’s worth of academic classes in relevant fields such as Pharmacology, Chemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathophysiology. While Registered Nurses will already be familiar with these fields, the program offers much more specific, in depth instruction.

Naturally, these classes are also all specifically tailored to the field of anesthesia. People who do not have a strong commitment to academics need not apply – a 3.0 GPA must be maintained throughout your studies. After finishing the classes, candidates are fully immersed in a clinical environment during a 16 month, hands on training regiment in a hospital working along side experienced anesthetists. Under expert guidance the CRNA candidates receive all the practical knowledge they need to serve as a licensed Anesthetist – textbooks can only teach so much.

The second program TCU offers is a doctoral program almost identical to the first except for an 8-month online class session that precedes the standard 28-month training.

University of Texas at Houston – Health Science Center

The next program we’ll examine to give a more complete picture of what Texas schools have to offer is that of the University of Texas at Houston’s Health Science Center. Here, the training is relatively similar to that of TCU. Students can expect a 32-month program, half of which is classroom oriented. No curve balls here, the standard classes are required and again, and a 3.0 GPA is non-negotiable (which will likely be a relief to patients).

The second half of the program at UTexas is also a clinical training session during which students must participate in at least 550 clinical cases so they know anesthesia like the back of their hand once they’re through.

The other 3 Texas medical schools that offer these programs, Baylor, Texas Wesleyan University, and the US Army respectively, have comparable programs, all taking around 30 months to complete. It is also worth noting that admission to these programs and other schools across the country is dependent on at least one year of experience in an intensive care unit.

Once one has completed their education at one of the 5 prestigious schools in Texas and completed their certification exam they can expect to enjoy a long rewarding career with a healthy salary just about anywhere in the nation.

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