The Rewards of a Career in Nursing

Ask just about any nurse and they willl tell you they find their job to be quite satisfying. Most nurses; even those who routinely work double shifts and overtime due to staff shortages, are really quite happy with their jobs. There are many rewards to being a nurse… emotional and otherwise.

The job rewards begin almost before a nurse even starts working, in many cases. There is a nationwide nursing shortage, and hospitals and doctor offices all across the country are in need of good nurses. New nurses can do some searching and choose whatever job is best for them, rather than resorting to taking whatever job is available. They can also choose among jobs in nursing homes, dentist offices, and other medical establishments. The nurses have the pick of the market, and that is quite nice.

This means that nurses can often negotiate for the best job terms. Some job positions offer recruitment bonuses such as tuition repayment assistance, daycare assistance, and relocation assistance. Others offer cash bonuses of anywhere from $2,000 up to $20,000. Any of these types of perks make for a very nice way to start a new job!

Of course, the bonuses and perks aren’t the reason why these people decided to become nurses in the first place, though. People decide to become nurses because they want to help other people, and if you think about it, nurses are really the ones who are there to help people more often than many doctors. A nurse is the one who takes a person back to a doctor’s office examination room, and she is also the one who takes any preliminary information about the patient’s medical history and problems. They take the patient’s blood pressure and temperature and writes down all information on the patient’s chart. A nurse is vital to the operation of absolutely any doctor’s office.

That right there is the main reason why so many people decide to devote their lives to nursing; they want to make a difference in people’s lives. They certainly do that in any doctor’s office or medical establishment. If any patient thinks back to their last visit to a hospital, chances are they will remember that they spent more time conversing with the nurses than with a doctor. Without nurses, patients in hospitals would never receive the care they need.

The rewards of nursing are many. Yes, the hours are long. Yes, the job is difficult and demanding. However, there aren’t many jobs that give you as much inner satisfaction as nursing can. With a nursing career, a person can explore a variety of different job possibilities, without having to earn a different degree. Job security is nearly guaranteed, and job advancement possibilities are almost without limit. Perhaps the best reward of all is the people. Nursing gives you a chance to help all types of people through all types of tough life situations. You can make a difference in people’s lives, and you can be a vital member of a team. The world of nursing is filled with rewards.

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