LPN to RN Programs: Taking the Next Step in Your Nursing Career

Many Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) want to advance their career by becoming a Registered Nurse. This requires special LPN to RN programs. Sometimes people are so excited to start working as a nurse and begin to make money that they go ahead and stop their education at LPN. After some time working in the industry, these nurses often decide they need to go back and get their RN training. But they are faced with the same problem that originally caused them to enter the field with only their LPN: the need to earn income.

The biggest reason a nurse would want LPN to RN programs is usually the money. Becoming an RN would allow a nurse to make a higher salary. But aside from that, you are now certified to administer more treatments and take on entirely more responsibility. Additionally, you are now eligible for many more opportunities than you were as an LPN. Being an RN allows you to continue your education down the road. You can later pursue a Masters degree, which will allow you to specialize.

You can either get an associate’s degree, which is an ADN, or you can get a bachelor’s degree, which is a BSN. If you really want to increase your job opportunities, then you want to get your BSN. This allows you to enter into a basic level of specialization. Plus, BSN’s have the possibility of future promotion into management. There are fewer programs offering the ADN option. Most have only the option of the BSN.

The LPN to RN programs take about two years or so. You can continue working as an LPN while you pursue your RN certification. There are a lot of programs online, which are very convenient.

Another option is to find programs that grant you a Masters degree at the completion of the program. These are accelerated programs that give you a BSN and a MSN in three years. This will allow you to pursue an advanced specialty. You can also get into higher management positions. Essentially, anything in the higher realms of nursing is open to you with a MSN.

The coursework in these programs is rigorous. The courses meet all of the RN training requirements. Advanced sciences make up the bulk of the work, but you will also learn Patient Care, Ethics, and Pharmacology. Your training will prepare you for the exam you must take in order to become an RN. The exam, NCLEX-RN, is a national exam that you must pass in order to work as an RN. This is one of the most important qualifications for RNs.

Enrolling in an LPN to RN programs is a great way to make more money, take on more responsibility, and move up the ladder in the nursing field. Your Registered Nurse training can take place online and most programs allow you to work at the same time. Nursing is a rewarding career that allows you to help other people and make a good living.

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