New Graduate RN Jobs: Putting Your Training to Use

This next video is a really good one for once you’ve decided that nursing is for you, as it goes into some detail regarding the sort of jobs available to recently licensed Registered Nurses. It’s pretty important to have some idea of what you’re getting into with regards to starting your career as an RN, and what sort of jobs you’ll be eligible for. The other great point that this video touches on is the kind of jobs you’re NOT very likely to land, right out of school. It’s a great way to take off the blinders, as it were, with regards to job prospects.

If your RN licensure is your first foray into nursing, a Nursing Assistant job is a great place to start. This job offers you the opportunity to learn the ropes from more experienced nurses without all of the direct responsibility that comes with being a solo or charge nurse. Many new RNs opt to follow this path, though it technically falls below the presumed skill level of an RN – being a Nursing Assistant lets you learn while working, and pays fairly well.

If your newly obtained RN licensure is a career upgrade for you from an LPN or aide position, you may have a little more on-the-ground experience and confidence than some other graduates. In this case, the jobs you might consider include work in hospitals or doctors’ offices, where you’ll maintain patient records, track vital signs, and provide direct care under the orders of doctors. Beyond that, things can vary quite a lot dependent upon where you work. The video points out, though, that these jobs will expect some degree of expertise from you, and will compensate you accordingly.

Every nursing job, be it a job offered to a twenty year veteran, or one for new graduates discussed in the video, has its share of drudgery. Most often this is not the busy-work of cleaning and restocking supplies (which can pass pretty quickly), but the clerical and record-keeping duties. Often, doctors and administrators rely on Registered Nurses to ensure that patient records are complete and well organized, calling for an eye to detail.

The last point made here about jobs for new RN graduates is perhaps the most encouraging – nursing jobs pay well and are readily available, two conditions that don’t seem likely to change, regardless of the greater economic conditions in play. With RN licensure comes the comfort of knowing that you are employable and will be able to earn a living, whatever happens.

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