Nurse Practitioner Education: Training for Advanced Nursing Careers

If you are a Registered Nurse looking for more responsibility, consider a career as a Nurse Practitioner. The occupational outlook is excellent. This video is an overview of the further education required.

Nurse practitioners work in doctors’ offices, health clinics and hospitals. The position is a huge boost in professional practice compared to that of an LPN or RN. Nurse practitioners diagnose patients, write prescriptions, and order patient care.

Depending on the workplace setting, you may also perform the following:

  • requesting routine tests
  • taking case histories for information and diagnosis
  • performing tissue biopsies
  • suturing incisions
  • completing dressings and caring for wounds
  • checking insulin and glucose tolerance
  • prescribing medications
  • performing nasal intubations

The video does a very good job of explaining the various responsibilities.

Another great topic discussed in the video is the difference between nurse practitioner and LPN or RN training. First, you must have an RN license and practical experience working as an RN for at least two years.

Additionally, you must complete a master’s degree program with some advanced pharmacology, intensive practice specialities and practicums in adult and child care, pediatric care, and at-risk populations. Courses at this level are more challenging than those in nursing education.

Becoming a Nurse Practitioner requires you to complete an extra year or two of education by obtaining a master’s degree that has rigorous standards. If caring for others is your passion, then the time and effort are certainly worth it.

There is an abundance of quality online programs that allow you to work while enrolling in a program either full or part-time. Once you complete a master’s degree, you must take an exam to earn national certification, which is another great point the video makes.

Certification as a nurse practitioner can be obtained from the American Nursing Association or the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. Other associations offer certifications in various specialities such as neonatal, pediatric, gynecological and obstetrics. Certification exams cost about $300 each and are given in a variety of locations.

Since you already know you like to provide direct patient care, why not consider advanced nursing to boost your education, responsibility and compensation? If you are an RN looking to reinvent yourself, look at the NP pathway.

Consider Nurse Practitioner when you look for your next career step. The median salary for an RN is $31 per hour. As a Nurse Practitioner the rate increases to $45 per hour. There are definitely economic advantages to advanced education in this advanced level nursing field.

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