Urology Nurse Practitioner: Training for Advanced Nursing Careers

Helping people as a Urology Nurse Practitioner is a rewarding job both financially and personally. When you are in this position you will be able to help many different people with a large number of problems. You must meet some special educational requirements however.

This position will allow you to provide guidance and treatment as well as preventative care for a large number of urologic diseases and concerns in different health care settings. Most often you would be treating female and male urinary problems, the bladder, the kidneys, ureters and urethra. Sometimes you may be treating the female and male reproductive systems as well.

There are many different responsibilities that you will take whenever you get into this job. It is important that you are watchful and diligent as you are working. Paying attention to small details is a requirement.

During your work hours you will be required to perform exams on patients. You must make sure that you do the exam thoroughly so that you do not miss any small matters that could be bothering the patients. If you overlook even a small problem this could cause even bigger problems.

You will be required to perform and interpret diagnostic studies as well as treat bladder dysfunction and incontinence. These problems can be very frustrating to patients and when you are able to help them you will feel a great sense of accomplishment. This is a very important part of your job.

Providing patient education and teaching preventive care can allow you to have to deal with less severe cases. When you catch something early on and make sure that it is taken care of before it gets serious this will allow your patients to avoid many unwanted problems. It is important to educate your patients properly.

This job will not be easy but it is very rewarding. Once in position you will be treating a variety of diseases and this is why it is important that you pay close attention to your work. Being in this position requires that you have in-depth knowledge on this subject.

The requirements of this position are that you would have a current licensure, one year of experience as a RN in urology nursing practice, have a current recognition by your state’s board of nursing as a nurse practitioner and a master’s degree in nursing.

Now that you know what it takes to work in this field you can start taking your training in that direction. This is a very rewarding career and the average annual salary is around $80,000.

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