Nephrology Nurse Practitioner: Training to Treat Kidney Patients

As the population gets more overweight and has more kidney problems there is an increasing demand for those working as Nephrology Nurse Practitioners. The need for this position has been growing and is expected to keep growing until further notice. Many people are interested in stepping in and filling the gap but it is important that you understand what your responsibilities would be.

When in this position you are an Advanced Practice Nurse who will care for patients that are dealing with kidney disease or are at a high risk for kidney problems. It is important that you keep a close eye on these patients and it may be necessary to see the same patient many times within a short period of time. Since this is true you may form a bond with the patients that you see.

In this position you would manage the care of a caseload of patients that have issues which are related to the kidneys. You may be a generalist or you could specialize in hemodialysis. Either way you will be providing direct primary care to patients as well as teaching patients and families.

Coordinating care which is provided by other members of the healthcare team as well as educating patients is also on your list of things to do. Your role would be similar to that of a physician but more limited.

There are plenty of job opening and different places that you could look for employment. You may consider a hospital, physician’s office, outpatient clinic, organ transplant center or a dialysis center. Since there are so many different places that you could work, you should be able to find something near you but if you wish to get better pay you could have to relocate.

The NP will play a large role in a dialysis unit by delivering a strong and professional relationship with the patients. Many of these patients have to come in for treatment 3 times per week and having someone that they can trust is a great feeling and reassurance. This is a great place to get experience working with physicians, nursing staff and dietitians as well as other professions.

The job outlook with the career is bright since there is such great demand and the average annual salary is around $61,000.

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