The Always Changing Registered Nurse Job Description

The registered nurse job description may change somewhat from job to job, which makes understanding all aspects of nursing more important than ever. If you are interested in nursing, you will want to understand what your job requirements will be for any type of nursing job that you take on.

At a base level, the registered nurse job description defines the job requirements as working to work with and treat patients. Nurses are expected to be able to communicate with the individuals that they are working with about anything from medical history to medication requirements. They must also be ready to treat patients for a wide variety of medical needs.

Nurses are expected to be able to educate the general public along with providing education to their patients. Nurses will work with a patient to describe actions they may or may not take while injured or ill, rules for the medications they will be taking, and may be required to educate on physical therapy movements.

The registered nurse job description also includes actual physical medical actions. Registered nurses are often expected to be able to handle anything regarding the use of an IV, including starting the IV, monitoring said IV, and removing the IV. They may also be expected to dress wounds and to administer treatments of any kind. They will be expected to research medications to check for possible medication interactions, and may also be expected to administer physical therapy.

The registered nurse job description changes based on any particular specializations that a nurse may have. Dermatology nurses will be expected to perform the various tasks that are unique to the field, as they will work with individuals who have skin disorders. Preoperative nurses, on the other hand, will be expected to prepare students for surgery and may be asked to assist the surgeon in various ways. Other registered nurse specializations that feature unique job requirements include those who go into ambulatory care, those who go into emergency care, and those who work in home health care and critical care.

Those who are looking to go further in the nursing field will complete their Master’s degree to become nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, and nurse midwives. Job requirements change wildly between these various jobs and can require anything from learning birthing skills to administering anesthesia.

The courses that you take through your registered nurse training will prepare you for each job requirement. Basic nursing students will take the nursing and science courses required to be a registered nurse. The NCLEX-RN helps to prove that you are ready to handle any job that may be found in a job description for a registered nurse. Those who go for specialization or advancement will take courses specifically designed for those professions.

The registered nurse job description will change from job to job. Take the time to research the type of nursing that you would like to go into and talk to a nurse in the field about the job requirements they have. This will help you to better understand what will be expected of you in the field.

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