An Explanation of Registered Nurse Pay Rates

After two to four years of education and a NCLEX-RN exam to become a registered nurse, a job is the major objective of a nurse. Depending on several factors the registered nurse pay rates may vary.

The salary is based on a schedule of 40 working hours a week and 2080 hours a year. That’s the basis calculation and then there are other factors that influence the salary.

First of all, salaries vary from state to state. So, depending on where the nurse lives, she might earn less or more than in other states.

There are nurses that attend different extra programs in order to get more knowledge and expertise within her area. The more training the nurse has, a better chance there is of having a higher income.

Although in general different nurses have the same duties, depending on the specialty they choose, some duties may differ. Depending on what kind of duties the nurse is involved in, the salary can be higher. Payments are done according to the work preformed.

Due to the level of expertise needed for some nursing specialties, the salary varies from a more specific specialty to another. The high level of responsibility there is, the higher salary may be earned.

Experience has a major role in health care. The more experienced the RN is, the more qualified she gets, better employment opportunities will come up for her as well as better salaries incomes.

Some registered nurses do their regular job in a hospital and when the shift ends they provide private services in other facilities or at particular homes. This way nurses can earn extra money and more training hours.

Location, experience and education combined offer different registered nurse pay rates. If a nurse has 10 years of experience and is located in one state, and another has 5 years of experience but is located in another state, they might end up earning the same salary because of the different location.

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