Registered Nurse Requirements: The Training You Need

If you are thinking of becoming an RN, then you want to know about registered nurse requirements. There are many steps you must undergo in order to become an RN.

Registered nurse requirements include gaining a degree in nursing. You must also pass the NCLEX exam.

Some nursing students opt to get their associates degree. Others go ahead and get a bachelor’s degree. In today’s climate, it will be to your advantage to get the bachelor’s degree as it will open up more doors for you. Associate degrees usually take about two years. Bachelor degrees run about four, but come with a lot of advantages and more advanced training.

Many nurses and aspiring nurses also get their Masters degree in nursing. This allows you to pursue more opportunities and advance in the field. Nurses with specialty training have the potential to make more money and pursue more specialized job offers.

As part of your registered nurse requirements, your degree program, associate and bachelor, will have some supervised clinical experience. This is experience in the field. You will work alongside nurses and doctors with real patients and get a feel for the industry and the job. This will give you a good idea of where your skills and talents will be most effective and what you enjoy doing most.

In order to get into a quality nursing degree program and get your registered nurse requirements, you will need to have a solid background in advanced sciences. You want to get a high G.P.A. with your high school diploma. You will also need to take the ACT or the SAT, depending upon which school you plan to attend for your nursing program. Taking as many advanced science courses as you can in high school will provide you with a stronger background when you enter your degree program.

You can expect your registered nurse requirements to include microbiology, chemistry, physics, and other advanced sciences. The more familiarity you have with advanced sciences, the better you will do in your degree program.

The NCLEX exam is a six-hour exam. Each state requires nurses to be licensed, which must be renewed. Each state has a different renewal timetable for their license. Some states have additional exams and requirements to gain licensure.

Registered nurse requirements can be stringent. The coursework is challenging and demanding. Many students who have not been exposed to the material in advanced science courses find nursing degree programs to be incredibly difficult. The best thing you can do to prepare yourself for a nursing degree program is to have a solid background in science. That is the cornerstone of the nursing degree.

Registered nurse requirements are the pathway to gaining employment as a nurse. The nursing field is a booming field with shortages. Nurses can find well-paying jobs and enjoy making a real difference in patient’s lives. In a matter of years, you can be prepared to help patients and work in a rewarding field with other nursing and health care professionals.

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