LPN to Registered Nurse Requirements

Since nursing jobs are almost always available, many students decide to become an LPN initially, so they can start working sooner, however, many decide to keep studying and become a registered nurse. This decision will require the licensed practical nurse to meet all the training and educational requirements of a Registered Nurse, before they can begin working in this more advanced position.

Two year program

Some schools make the transition possible through some easy bridge programs that are especially available for this case. In two years usually it is possible to finish an accelerated program that will enable you to meet the licensed practical nurse to registered nurse requirements. To become a registered nurse you will need a two year degree or an associate. A prerequisite for any kind of program is a high school diploma. There are some other requirements to be enrolled such as sociology, and psychology. When enrolling in a two year program you will have to go through a curriculum that includes basically sciences, nursing skills, and anatomy, among others.

Four Year Program

If you decide to follow a bachelor degree in nursing that you will have to study four more years. Usually students who decide to take this four years degree are students who want to specialize in niche areas. These degrees that are used to go from a licensed practical nurse to registered nurse focus more deeply in teaching, which are the patient’s needs and what the nurses have to do to make their job the best way. There are some courses that might be required such as pediatric nursing, organic chemistry, or even nursing management leadership.


After deciding that you want to go from a licensed practical nurse to registered nurse you have to carefully choose a school that will provide you with the right education. Depending on your daily life you might need to choose a school that meets your needs. As being a LPN already gives you the opportunity to work you might be working full time, and you might need a school that offers online programs or a special schedule for working nurses. Money might also be an issue. You might want to attend a public or community college where fees are less expensive than private ones. If necessary you might apply for a financial aid, and if you meet the requirements you might get some.

Going from LPN to registered nurse requirements are not very demanding. In fact, there are very accessible programs you can follow. You just have to choose one that meets your needs.

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