A Close Look at Registered Nurse Requirements

The best option to become an RN is to finish a bachelor degree, an associate degree or a nursing diploma through a hospital. A Bachelor’s degree is excellent because it provides endless hours of practical training in the field. The bachelor is provided in most universities and it will take four years to finish it. An associate degree may be finished in 2 to 3 years and can be taken at most local community colleges. The nursing diploma programs usually take three years to finish.

Nowadays and due to the lack of nurses, several schools are offering accelerated RN training programs. After finishing the training, it is necessary the completion of a national licensing exam (NCLEX-RN). Depending on the state, it might also be necessary a state licensing exam in order to get the licensure.

There are some optional courses that can be taken in order to improve the nurse’s skills before they move forward to the registered nurse program. Additional first aid, anatomy or biology classes are an add-on to the nurse career as well as to the personal expertise.

Before choosing the RN program it is important to verify if the program is accredited. Only accredited programs provide the nurse with high quality training, both theory and practical and this is essential to get the right preparation of the national licensing exam.

RNs provide health care by working in teams. Team work and collaboration is essential as well as good communication skills. They should be in good physical shape once a lot of physical work is needed specially when lifting or moving patients, and they have to be on their feet all the entire shift,

Nurses also need to be in good health, with a strong immune system once they are exposed to different diseases.

Several tasks are required to a registered nurse, among other:

  • Verify patient’s vital signs
  • IV placement
  • Phlebotomy
  • Administer medication
  • Update patient’s medical record
  • Observe symtomology changes
  • Provide emotional support to patients and in some cases family

Being a registered nurse really is a rewarding career where practice takes a major role. The ability to help patients throughout the treatment and healing process is a privilege of nurses but also one of the registered nurse requirements.

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