Registered Nurse School Requirements: Getting Your Training

Registered Nurses make up one of the biggest segments in the health care field. If you’re interested in this career path, then you’ll want to have a good understanding of the requirements for training and education to make sure this is the right career for you. Nurses perform a very important job. The nurse is often the patient’s most constant and consistent contact throughout their visit to the doctor, or their hospital stay.

Training requirements vary depending upon which program you would like to pursue. Some nurse candidates opt to go through a diploma program, but the bulk of them get a degree. You can have a career as a Registered Nurse by getting your associate’s or your bachelor’s degree. Those who get a bachelor’s degree tend to have more job opportunities than those without one.

Many nurses decide to take the minimum Registered Nurse training, so they can go ahead and begin working and earning money. Then they later get the remaining required education needed for a bachelor’s degree, so that they have more opportunities. Plan on two years for an associate’s degree and four years for a bachelor’s degree.

Some nurse candidates already have a degree. Some people come into nursing from other careers. These people often opt to stop working their current jobs and put off working any other jobs and earning money in order to pursue the accelerated nursing program. This allows the candidate to get their nursing credentials in twelve to eighteen months.

The accelerated program is not for everyone. It is a rigorous program that requires full-time schooling and discipline. There are often prerequisites for the accelerated program, as well.

Educational requirements are rigorous. You will be taking advanced science courses, like Microbiology. A solid background in science will do you a world of good. You will also take classes in Patient Care, Ethics, Pharmacology, and legal issues. Class requirements include courses that are standard lecture, but you will also have labs. Additionally, you will have clinicals, which refer to classes set in a clinical setting. This would be an actual location for patient care.

These strict requirements exist so that nurses emerge from schooling prepared to pass the exam needed for nursing licensure. This exam is called the NCLEX-RN. It is a national test that all nurses have to pass in order to work as a nurse. When you are choosing a program, you want to ask about the program’s passing rate for this exam. If you do not pass this exam, you cannot work as a nurse.

Nursing is a rewarding and lucrative career field. People who are suited to pursue a career as a Registered Nurse are good communicators, patient, professional, and disciplined. Nursing is a challenging job that involves some level of physicality. You may be on your feet quite a bit and some lifting may be required. So you want to be in good physical shape and continue to take care of yourself despite your tough job requirements. Nursing is a great opportunity to help others and have a rewarding career. Nurse candidates need to consider their educational options carefully before proceeding to ensure themselves the best opportunities.

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