Finding the Best Registered Nurse Schools in California

Are you looking for schools in California that can help you get the training needed to begin a career in Registered Nursing? If you are, then you definitely want to look at these top 3 schools.

Although there are many RN programs in California, you want to seek out the top ranked programs because it will make you more competitive in the job marketplace. The top schools in California are: The University of California Berkley, University of California Los Angeles, and the University of California Davis. These schools are all top, nationally ranked schools in nursing programs. In fact, all three of these institutions are in the top 50 schools for nursing in the country.

The University of California Berkley

The University of California Berkley offers several paths to becoming a nurse. They offer an associates, bachelors, and a masters degree in nursing. Although UC Berkeley is a great school, if you are looking for more flexibility in terms of evening and weekend study to allow you to continue your existing job or keep down the costs of child care, then you may want to look into UC Berkeley’s Extension campus. You get to take courses that are at the same high quality as Berkeley’s main campus, but you can do it in a more flexible setting and timing.

The University of California Los Angeles

If you’re looking for RN training programs in California, then the University of California Los Angeles should be near the top of your list. The University of California Los Angeles offers a bachelors degree in nursing. They also have two Masters degrees in nursing: Nursing Advanced Practice and Entry Clinical Nurse. They also offer a doctorate degree in nursing. UCLA’s program is quite competitive. In fact, the bachelors nursing program is the most competitive on their campus. This school also does groundbreaking research; they actually rank seventh in nursing research funded by NIH. All of the faculty in the program possess doctoral degrees. UCLA is known for giving nursing students a wide range of clinical experiences. The bachelors and masters programs are in the top 50 national schools and their doctoral program is in the top 10. To get into the UCLA undergraduate program, you will need to take the ACT with the writing test or the SAT.

The University of California Davis

The University of California Davis is one of the top schools for nurses. They offer nursing degrees at the bachelors and masters level as well as the doctoral level. The Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing received the 2010 Excellence in Leadership Award. UC Berkeley’s training also offers research opportunities for nursing candidates.

There are many opportunities for nursing training in California. You want to find a school that has the program you are looking for. You also want to find a top school so you are among the top candidates for the jobs you apply to fill. Nursing is a rewarding career and finding the right school is your first step toward becoming a nurse.

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