RN Managers: Key Players in the Health Care Field

RN Managers are critical players in a high functioning hospital environment. They must oversee a large number of nurses and ensure that the daily functions of the hospital are being performed smoothly, accurately and efficiently. Registered nurses, or RNs, are often helpful and dedicated individuals who find themselves in thankless positions. They must often work long and grueling hours for a much lower pay grade than their physician counterparts. However, they almost always work just as hard at tasks that are as important as those completed by licensed physicians.

Across the country, RN Managers are finding themselves with a variety of crucial jobs that as often require financial and managerial skills as well as nursing skills. Unfortunately, many nurses who are promoted to this position have not taken any courses that will help to develop these non-medical skills. Often, RNs who hope to one day be promoted to managerial positions will prepare for this advancement with continuing education courses in Management, Finances, Business, and Communication. All of these skills are important in a good Manager. Just like the manager of a business, a nurse manager is directly in charge of the structure of the nursing staff at a hospital.

Managers are often placed in charge of hiring and training new nurses who will join the staffs of their hospitals. The hiring and training can be delegated to a team of nurses on a hiring board; however, in small hospitals, the Nurse Manager may be in charge of the hiring process entirely by themselves. The managers of the nursing staff at hospitals are also in charge of providing feedback to staff nurses and ensuring that the retention rate of nurses stays high. A hospital that loses nurses regularly because of miscommunications, strenuous hours, or a lack of appreciation from management cannot function efficiently.

These individuals are also in charge of ensuring that the administrative responsibilities of the nursing staff are performed accurately and according to hospital standards. Often a manger of the nursing staff will be required to correct mistakes made by inexperienced or careless members of the staff. The managers must also deal with the everyday stressful issues and conflicts that arise in a hospital. The duties of the RN manager include mediating colleague disagreements, ensuring that all patients are receiving the care they need, dealing with patients who are dissatisfied or angry, offering the nursing staff a balance between working hours and hours during which the staff is off, and dealing with unexpected shortages in labor in the event of a sick or injured member of the nursing staff.

If this is the career path you’re interested in, you can expect to work long hours and to deal daily with the stresses of managing a group of people within the added stress of a hectic hospital environment. However, nursing managers have also been shown to take more pride in their work, receive greater recognition among their peers and superiors, and receiving a higher salary and increased rewards and benefits.

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