Registered Nurse School Requirements: Getting Your Training

Registered Nurses make up one of the biggest segments in the health care field. If you’re interested in this career path, then you’ll want to have a good understanding of the requirements for training and education to make sure this is the right career for you. Nurses perform a very important job. The nurse is often the patient’s most constant and consistent contact throughout their visit to the doctor, or their hospital stay.

Training requirements vary depending upon which program you would like to pursue. Some nurse candidates opt to go through a diploma program, but the bulk of them get a degree. You can have a career as a Registered Nurse by getting your associate’s or your bachelor’s degree. Those who get a bachelor’s degree tend to have more job opportunities than those without one.
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Registered Nurse Income: Get More Training and Earn More

If you are contemplating becoming a Registered Nurse, then you probably wonder what your potential income could be. The average salary for Registered Nurses in the United States is $68,450. The more urban the area in which you live is the closer to the upper end of the scale. Also, the areas with the highest need pay more. For example, the average salary for Registered Nurses in Alaska is $74,970. But the average salary for registered nurses in Iowa is $51,930. That’s a big difference.

Where you work will greatly impact your income. Nurses working in physician’s offices make slightly more than those who work in hospitals. Your area of focus makes a big difference as well. Specialty nurses make entirely more money than general Registered Nurses do.
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