Dialysis Training for Registered Nurses: Careers in Nephrology

If you are currently work as a Registered Nurse and interested in obtaining additional training to perform dialysis on patients, then you’ll need to know more about the training and educational requirements. Dialysis is a medical procedure performed on patients whose kidneys are not working properly. Your kidneys filter the waste in your body and when your kidneys are not performing their function, dialysis is performed to carry out their functions.

Dialysis Nurses are considered a specialty nursing area. Another term for this type of nursing is Nephrology Nursing. You must have a Registered Nurse certification, and be licensed in your state.
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3 Ways to Specialize After Becoming an RN

Nurses who wish to further their careers often look at several different specialized nursing fields after becoming an RN. Three of the things that nurses can specialize in once they are a Registered Nurse include becoming a Critical Care Nurse, an Oncology Nurse, and a Nephrology Nurse. There are several other paths of advanced nursing careers, but these three are important options to consider.

After you’ve graduated from a nursing program, applied for a position at a medical facility and taken the NCLEX-RN exam in order to receive your Registered Nurse certification, you will probably find that there are several specialized nursing fields that interest you.
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