Many Hospitals Eliminating LPN Positions

Over the past five to seven years, jobs in the LPN profession have shifted from the hospital to private clinics, doctor’s offices, and long-term care facilities. In some instances, hospitals are cutting out LPN jobs in favor of a staff of all RNs, because studies indicate that improved patient outcomes, safety, and overall satisfaction are connected to the staffing of experienced Registered Nurses with bachelor’s degrees.

It is a 2020 goal of the Institute of Medicine that eighty percent of RNs practicing in hospitals will hold bachelor’s degrees. Since the difference between an LPN and RN is the type of training they receive, many hospitals that are eliminating LPN positions are also offering displaced LPNs an opportunity to earn an advanced degree. Continue reading

Careers in Nursing – A Look At The Various Options

As the population in the U.S. continues to age a demand for nurses is on the rise and is expected to continue increasing as the Affordable Care Act is implemented. A career field that once seemed narrow with only a few choices of either becoming an RN or LPN who works in a hospital or doctor’s office has exploded with career opportunities.

After you decide what type of nurse you want to be certified as, such as an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse), RN (Registered Nurse), CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), or NP (Nurse Practitioner), you can select a nursing career specialty that suits your interests. A sampling of specialties is listed below. Continue reading