LPN to RN Programs: Taking the Next Step in Your Nursing Career

Many Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) want to advance their career by becoming a Registered Nurse. This requires special LPN to RN programs. Sometimes people are so excited to start working as a nurse and begin to make money that they go ahead and stop their education at LPN. After some time working in the industry, these nurses often decide they need to go back and get their RN training. But they are faced with the same problem that originally caused them to enter the field with only their LPN: the need to earn income.

The biggest reason a nurse would want LPN to RN programs is usually the money. Becoming an RN would allow a nurse to make a higher salary. But aside from that, you are now certified to administer more treatments and take on entirely more responsibility. Additionally, you are now eligible for many more opportunities than you were as an LPN. Being an RN allows you to continue your education down the road. You can later pursue a Masters degree, which will allow you to specialize.
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Cape Cod Community College Launches Nursing Program

Plans are finally moving forward at the community college in Cape Cod to bring health care courses to Martha’s Vineyard. According to a spokesman for the college, the idea of offering nursing courses on the Vineyard has been in the works for a while and is now coming to fruition. Providing nursing school courses at the Vineyard is in response to the need to establish an integrated primary care system for the island.

The courses are specifically designed to help nurses who have an LPN degree – as well as other Vineyard residents – to earn an RN degree. When developing the courses, the college relied on experts from the Vineyard’s health care sector. Continue reading